Purpose of the service covered by the costCharged byName of the authority, body or personAmount & currency
Administrative application feeN/AAssociation “Our family”from 1650 tomax 2280 euro, incl. fees stated down without visa fees
Administrative processing feeN/AAssociation “Our family”from 3850 to max 5320 euro, incl fees stated downwithout visa fees
Court feesN/ASofia City Court25 BGN
Visa(s) for PAPs to enter the State of originN/ACanadian and American Embassyfrom 100 USD to max 325 USD
Specialised professionalsLegal services (e.g., legal advice and representation in the State of origin)N/ALawyer employed by the Associationmax 800 EUR and 400 EUR minimumD
Notary�s feesOPNotary officerfrom 50 EUR to max 100 EUR
Medical services (e.g., health examination for the child)OPGreenberg Clinics100 USD – 120 USD
Psychologists / counsellingN/A100 BGN – 200 BGN
Interpreter in the State of originOPInterpreters of the Association400 EUR min – 600 EUR max
DocumentationBirth certificate(s) of the childPAMunicipalitymin 10 BGN
Passport from the State of originPAMinistry of Interiormin 10 BGN
Legalisation of documents in the State of originPAMinistry of foreign affairs15 BGN per document ; 400 – 900 EUR max
Translation of documents in the State of originOPLicensed Translation Agency100 EUR min – 900 EUR max
Other costs charged by an AB of the State of origin (not included in other categories) – remunerations, transport, rent, audit,informing, filing post adoption reports, recording, etc.ABThird persons4070 EUR – 4500 EUR
Emigration / Exit fees for the child (e.g., fee to exit the State)
PurposeCharged byName of the authority, body or personAmount[currency]
Contributions demanded by the State of origin [Please specify for what purpose this money is collected]N/A
Contributions demanded by an accredited body of the State of origin [Please specify for what purpose this money is collected (e.g. for the care of the child)]N/A
[Please specify if prospective adoptive parent(s) is / are required to personally travel to the State of origin and the number of compulsory trips12 as well as the minimum number of days which he / she / they are required to stay in the State of origin].The parents are required to stay at least 5 days for personal contact with the child during the 1st trip,the number of mandatory trips is 2
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