Our Family Adoption Agency - Bulgaria


Who may be adopted ?

According to the Bulgarian law – the Family Code, there may be adopted only a child under age of 18, entered into register of children who may be adopted by persons residing abroad in terms of full adoption. The Register is kept by the Ministry of Justice. Twins shall be adopted together, exceptionally, they may be separately adopted. Brothers and sisters are adopted together, if they have an emotional connection between each other.

Who may adopt?

Adoptive parent must be and efficient person, who is not deprived of parental rights and is at least fifteen years older than the adopted. Adoption by 2 persons at the same time shall be admitted only in case in which the adopting parents are spouses. The maximum age of the adoptive parents is 50 years for the younger and 55 for the older. The income of the adoptive parents must be not less than the average income in the State of their residence.

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